Small Imaginings is a collection of puppets and puppet pieces, where you can print and play or download and design. We are a community of artists, animators, puppeteers, parents with kids, and kids at heart.

Whether you are playing with a pre-made puppet kit or piecing your own characters together for an animated story Small Imaginings has all supplies you need available for free.

All links to download puppet files have been repaired and are active.

Here is the finished puppet for Molly Crabapple’s Shell Game - “The Great American Bubble Machine”.

You can download the puppet and make it yourself here.


Shell Game (Molly Crabapple) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Shell Game is a recent art exhibition by Molly Crabapple inspired by the revolution and crises of 20111. 


In the spirit of May Day she has decided to release her series of art under a Creative Commons license, to give back to the people who supported her on Kickstarter to produce Shell Game.


And in turn we took one of her pieces and created a puppet out of it. Click on the image to download the puppet or click here.

Check out this great color job on Big Mouth done by Megan Auman.

This is our first (and hopefully not our last) hand painted puppet. It began it’s life as an acrylic painting on paper and is now available to download.



Whrrrrrr. Thump. Whrrrrrr. Thump. M.E.C.H. was made for one purpose to drive nails and rivets, but he dreams of having a higher purpose to society.


…or click here to download the Photoshop file.

Why? Because we feel that all Antelopes should have a chance to dress up and profess their love to whomever they choose.


…or click Here to download the Photoshop file.

Celebrating the first day of Spring, Flit happily buzzes about from flower to flower.


… or click Here to download the Photoshop file.

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Having spent the majority of his life in his diving suit his body has never really developed skin. His inability to make friends only supports his life style of remaining in his suit and spending time in deep bodies of water.


or click HERE to download the Photoshop File.

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Lady Chordata belongs to the upper class of the sea, not to be mistaken with marine life that lives towards the top of the ocean. Think Downton Abbey… but with fish.


Or click HERE for the Photoshop file.

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